Where To Begin…

The previous year (2019) is without question the most trying year of my life, yet at the same time was rewarding in its own right.

We can begin with my graduation from University, culminating in the acquisition of that ever “prestigious” 4 year degree; Bachelors of Science in Statistics from one of the largest Universities in the United States.

Immediately following graduation I began working as a junior level software developer, where I am currently employed. I am working primarily in C#, but both Julia Lang and Python will be used later on down the development route. There is nothing quite like studying statistics and computational programming for 4 years to wind up a glorified object oriented code slave.

Wrapping up 2019 in review, I took a vacation to Iceland/Germany/Netherlands, which was my first experience ever leaving the United States. Overall the experience was positive, or at least I have convinced myself it must have been due to the extortionist prices. However experiencing the northern lights is magical to say the least.

These 3 major events shaped my 2019 into a sort of love hate relationship.

Goals For 2020

Relationship, Develop better programming skills (C#,Python,Julia), Gym (225 B, 315 S), Be a better sibling/son/friend, Logos, Read 1 book a month……